first aid emergency kits
First Aid Emergency Kits

First Aid Emergency kits

We have assembles several first aid kits in different price ranges for different needs. Our kits often include components others kits don't.

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Snake Bite Kit

Smith & Wesson Knives Automatic
Venom from a poisonous snake bite travels through the lymph system. Motion will speed the flow so it's important that the victim lay down and remain calm.

Glove Box First Aid Kit

Gerber Knives
You never know what might happen. Be prepared with this conveniently sized and well stocked first aid kit by Elite 1st Aid.

First Aid 1.0

This kit is organized by injury with Easy Care instructions that will help you quickly,effectively and confidently give first aid.  By Adventure Medical Kits.

Small Suture/Syringe Medic

Smith & Wesson Knives Automatic
A 1 person, single use medical kit by Adventure Medical Kits. Useful for Immunizations, Injections, I.V., Blood Samples, Anesthetics and Sutures

Trauma Pak with QuikClot

Adventure Medical Kits
This first aid kit is a must for severe injuries.  For temporary external use to control bleeding it accelerates clotting. STOPS bleeding fast. This product will feel warm in use.  It is waterproof and small enough for everyday use

Adventure Field Trauma Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Kits
Adventure, field trauma kit
Information and supplies to deal with anything including information on treating gun shot wounds, arrow injuries, fish hook removal, heart attacks and much more. From Adventure Medical Kits. MSRP: 26.00  Group Size:1-4 People  Duration:1-4 Days

Light and Dry LD4

Lone Wolf Knives
The Light and Dry First Aid Kit by Atwater Carey is useful for accidents involved with hiking, camping, boating, fishing,skiing,kayaking and racing.

Adventure Sportsman Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Kits
Adventure Medical Kits, first aid, Sportsman
By Adventure Medical Kits Group Size:1-4 People,  Duration:1-4 Days

Adventure Hunter Field Trauma First Aid Kit

Adventure Medical Kits
Adventure, hunter kit, first aid
Adventure Hunter Field Trauma First Aid Kit 1-7 People, 1-7 Days by Adventure Medical Kits  MSRP:  $64.00

Adventure Medical Ultralight Pro Kit

Adventure Medical Kits
Adventure Medical Kits, Ultralight Pro
Developed with and used exclusively by Yosemite Mountain Guides, this kit is now available for retail sale.Ideal for anyone who wants to travel light and watertight and still be ready for anything. by Adventure Medical
Includes Aloksak Watertight bags  MSRP:  $120.00

Adventure Medical Outfitter Kit

Adventure Medical Kits
Adventure Medial Kits, first aid, Outfitter
Plan on being away from civilization for a while?  The Outfitter Kit by Adventure Medical is for you!  The extensive and comprehensive medical supplies in this kit is surprisingly lightweight. Group: 1-14 People  MSRP: $120.00

First Aid Emergency

Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits