sylvester stallone otf knife from bullet to the head
Sylvester Stallone, Bullet to the Head knife

Stallone "Bullet to the head" knife

Bullet to the head knives ordered personally by Sylvester Stallone.

This knife is one of only 50 we had specially produced for Sylvester Stallones movie "Bullet to the head". These knives are a limited run done especially for Stallone at his request and any one of these knives could have been in the movie, here is your chance to own a piece of very cool movie history ordered and used by one of the most iconic figures in action movies. They are dated 6-30-2011 which is just days prior to the shoot beginning in New Orleans.  Check out the trailer for a brief glimps of the knife around 1:32


Stallone Bullet to the head knife, *

This is one of 50 limited production Microtech OTF knives, in red, a color never produced by Microtech until we specially ordered them for Mr. Stallone. One of the COOLEST knives EVER made!!

Limited edition. SOLD OUT  (Even though these are sold out, we do have some similar on the Microtech Halo V page...The Microtech Halo V 151-1 RD)  One of 50 knives produced especially for Mr. Stallone at his request, to be used in the movie "Bullet to the Head". These knives are all dated 6-30-2011 and were produced with short notice just prior to the film beginning production. Here is your chance to own a very cool piece of movie history ordered and used by Sylvester Stallone for use in the movie. This is not a knockoff, reproduction or a prop but a fully functioning very high quality OTF knife of the highest calliber and it's in a Stallone movie to boot.  

Knife Category

Single Action OTF Plunge Lock

 Blade Steel 

CPM® S35-VN®



 Blade Length


 Overall Length 



Microfiber Pouch Packaging

 Blade Options


 Handle Material


Microtech Halo V 151-1 RD OTF Automatic knife SE Black Standard

Microtech Knives Halo V SE Black Standard 151-1 RD, The Bullet to the Head knife was a limited edition knife but if you're interested in one very similar, here is the 151-1 RD!