Information about Italian Switchblades

Italian switchblade stiletto knives
How to close a classic italian switchblade

Italian Switchblade Stiletto Knives - How to close

Italian Switchblade Stiletto Knives - See the picture that's worth a thousand words on how to close a classic Italian switchblade.  For the classic Italian Switchblade, all that is needed to close it is to simply push down on the top bolster with your thumb to release the lock to close the blade. 

Italian switchblade stiletto knives

Italian Switchblade Blade Styles

Italian Switchblade Stiletto Knives Information - Blade Descriptions and Pictures - The far left blade represents a bayonet blade.  The middle blade is a standard dagger blade and the far right blade is a kris (kriss) blade.  These are the three most common blades offered in the Italian knives, however, there are other blade styles as well.

How Italian Switchblades are made...Video by A.G.A. Campolin

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