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Knives by Spyderco knives. This Spyderco knife was the first to feature a round hole in the blade designed for fast, one-handed opening, which is now Spyderco's trademark.[3] Additionally, Spyderco claims that this was the first knife to feature a pocket clip on the right side of the handle.[4][5][6][7]Most Spyderco knives are folding knives, of various designs, blade steels, handle materials, and locking mechanisms (including two patented proprietary locks); however, they have also produced fixed-blade knives for various purposes.[8][9] www.spyderco.com/


Spyderco Sharpmaker 204 MF knife sharpening system

Spyderco Delica C11PBK Folding Knife for sale Satin Plain Blade

Spyderco Knives