Microtech UTX-85 Beadblast Serrated Blade Automatic Knife 148-20, *

California Snapper automatic knife Red with Clip, *

Bradley Cutlery Knives Large Alias I Knife 17600

Mikov Rare and Collectible Auto LL Stainless Steel Dagger Dark Horn, *

Microtech Knives UTX-70 Single edge DA Black Serrated Auto 148-2, *

Paragon Automatic Knives APEX Switchblade in Red Black Blade

Italian Swinguard Switchblade Knife 11 inch Italian AKC in Faux Ivory, *

Microtech Ultratech OTF Auto Knife Purple Satin Full Serr 122-6 PU, *

ProTech Automatic Knives Grunts Rule! 721 GR, *

ProTech 421PSBT Stinger Auto Knife Green Black SERRATED

Italian Switchblade Knife for sale BLOND HORN BAYONET 9 Inch

Kershaw 1247X Fillet Knife 7.5 inch blade 12.8 inch overall

Microtech Ultratech 120-2OD Bayonet Combo OTF Knife Tri-Grip

Microtech Daytona Carbon Fiber Automatic Knife DLC Ser 146-2, *

Microtech Knives LUDT Automatic Knife Tan Black Serrated 135-2TA, *

Protech Knives - Godson Automatic Spec Ed USMC Grunts Rule 721, *

Spyderco Sub-Hilt C149GP Vallotton Conversion Automatic Knife for sale

Benchmade 9100BK Auto Stryker automatic knife Black Plain Blade

Italian Switchblade Stiletto Knife DARK HORN KRIS 11 inch Classic, *

ProTech Knives Dark Angel Auto OTF knife Prototype SS Ltd Ed of 25

Protech Godfather custom Knife Mastodon molar Inlays Mirror Blade, *

Protech Large Don 1951 Automatic Knife Tuxedo Ivory Micarta Satin

Protech Godfather 900 Automatic Knife for sale Grey Handle G-10 Satin

Guardfather Spike spring loaded automatic ice pick in PURPLE, *

Piranha Mini Body Guard Blue Handle Bead Blast Plain Blade

GT California Legal OD Green Mini Automatic, *

V & D Vallotton and Diskin DA Scale Release Knife Ser V&D-S, *

Microtech Makora II 106-4 OTF Automatic Knife Satin Plain CF

Pro-Tech Monaco Auto Knife Green Handle Carbon Fiber Satin, *

Protech Godfather Automatic Knife Solid Grey tone frame DLC blade, *

Microtech Knives UTX-70 Single edge DA Satin Plain Automatic 148-4, *

A. S. Paragon PARA X OTF BB Front Opening Knife DE SP Plain