Protech Knives TR-3 SW Fish Scale TR-3 X1 SW, *

Italian Switchblade Knife STAG DAGGER 11 Inch

bradley cutlery kimura 5 balisong knife bcc05500-v, *

Gerber RX700 Flashlight

Italian Stiletto Knife 16 IN Danuvius Maltese Cross Top DARK HORN

Italian Out the Front Knife for Sale Concord in Black DE Black Plain 8 Inch, *

Protech Godfather Auto Knife Exclusive Christmas Chromatic G-10 Satin, *

Microtech Vector Automatic Knife Black Plain 132-1, *

Italian Swtichblade Stiletto Kris Burl Wood 7 Inch, *

Pro-Tech Brend 3 1345 USA Chex Pattern auto knife Silver

Microtech Auto Knife Makora II OTF Black Plain Blade CF 106--1, *

Italian Switchblade Swinguard Knife 9 inch AKC in Faux Ivory, *

Italian Switchblade Stiletto Auto 15 Inch Campolin Dark Horn Damascus, *

Buck 110 Automatic Knife Dino Bone MOP Painted Pony, *

Microtech Scarab OTF Black Handle Black DLC Tanto Serrated 113-2, *


Lone Wolf Paul Perfecto Mother of Pearl Folder, *

Protech TR-4 Skull 1 Ltd Ed Bruce Shaw Sterling Silver Skull 2 Tone, *

Italian switchblade stiletto 9 inch Bokote Wood Brass Bolsters Bayo, *

Italian switchblade 9 inch imitation tortoise swivel lock automatic knife

Protech Monaco Auto Knife SOLID Black w Black Blade Serrated 522, *

A. S. Paragon PARA X OTF Front Opening Auto CP Satin

Italian 6 inch OTF Automatic Knife AKC Mini Concord Yellow

Zero Tolerance ZT Automatic Knife Serrated 0610ST, *

Italian Leverlock Switchblade Knife Stag with Brass Bolsters 8 Inch, *

Protech Godson Auto Knife Black Handle Black Plain Blade 721BK, *

Microtech Knives UTX-70 CA Legal OTF Automatic Knife 148-4CA, *

Italian Switchblade Lever Lock Knife Clip Point AKC Blond Horn 8 In, *

Rainy Vallotton Automatic Knife Kumite Proto Round 2 Rogue Warrior, *

Asheville Steel / Paragon Cobra Knife DLC Black Serrated blade

Protech Dark Angel 3202 OTF Automatic Knife Black with Black blade

Rat Worx Knives

Protech Godfather Automatic Knife Dark Red with G-10 915-RED, *