Microtech Knives UTX-70 SE DA Stonewash Serrated Automatic 148-11, *

Italian Classic Switchblade Stiletto DARK HORN DAGGER 11 inch

Microtech Marfione Custom Ultratech DE Automatic Knife Apocalyptic

Asheville Steel Paragon PARA-X-SP OTF Dagger Knife Damascus

Italian Stiletto Switchblade Knife 13 Inch Stag Dagger Blade

Microtech Knives, UTX-70 DE Stonewash Standard 147-10, *

Italian Switchblade Knives Olivewood DAGGER SS Bolsters 11 Inch, *

Hubertus Switchblade Knife Bighorn Series SMALL, *

Protech Runt J4 Custom Auto Knife Splash Smoke Gold Satin Blade, *

Protech Sprint Stonewash Plain 2905 Jazz

Protech Knives Runt J4 Auto Tuxedo Ivory Micarta Black TANTO 5452, *

Italian 6 inch OTF Automatic Knife AKC Mini Concord Gray

Microtech Currahee Fixed Blade Knife SE Black Serrated 102-2BL, *

Buck 110 Rosewood Brass Bolsters Automatic Knife Round Button, *

Lone Wolf Paul Presto Knife Lone Wolf Knife Leopard Stone, *

Protech Knives TR-4.63 SKULL 3 Ltd Edition Grey Automatic, *

Italian Switchblade Knives in Stag 5 1/2 Inch, *

Microtech UTX-85 OTF Auto Black TACTICAL Ltd Ed Plain 125-1T , *

ProTech Godfather Automatic Knife Dolphin Splash Ivory Micarta Satin

Microtech OTF automatic UTX-70 Knife DE Satin Full Serrated 147-6, *

Smith & Wesson Knives SW70B Automatic Knife

Microtech Scarab Executive SE DA Satin Serrated Auto Knife 107-5, *

Microtech Makora II 106-2 DE OTF Knife for sale CF Black Serrated

Hubertus Knives Stag The Guardian Automatic

Lone Wolf Knives Diablo in Cocobolo in Manual, *

italian out the front knife for sale concord in black se satin plain 8 in

Italian Out the Front Knife for Sale Concord in Black DE Satin Plain 8 Inch, *

Italian Switchblade Knife Black Tactical Imitation Black Marble 9 inch

Protech Defiance Double Action Auto Knife Ivory Micarta Black 1852, *

Italian Swinguard Stiletto Knives in Pearlex in BLUE 9 inch AKC

Boker Plus Jim Wagner Rescue Knife 052, *

Gerber Ridge, Black - Serrated Edge 05898, *

Italian Switchblade Swinguard Shorties from Maniago Italy PURPLE, *