Microtech Knives LUDT

Microtech L-UDT

Microtech LUDT Automatic Knife is overall open length 8 inches, this automatic Microtech L-UDT knife has a 3.375 inch blade that is .13 inches thick.  It has an aluminum handle, is tip up carry and is MADE IN THE USA! The UDT was introduced by Anthony Marfione a little over 20 years ago as the U.D.T.  (Underwater Demolition Team) and soon after the Large (LUDT) was introduced.

Microtech LUDT automatic knife

Microtech Knives LUDT 135-5 OD Automatic Knife SERRATED

Microtech LUDT 135-5OD Automatic Knife SERRATED

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Microtech Knives LUDT 135-10 TA Automatic Knife tan

Microtech LUDT 135-10 TA Automatic Knife

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Microtech LUDT 135-5 Automatic Knife Black SATIN SERRATED

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