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Knife Consignments

Horizon Bladeworks will buy, sell or trade your knives. We can legally buy and sell automatic and switchblade knives that may be illegal for a person to sell on their own depending on where they might live. If you have an automatic switchblade knife or and entire collection to sell, consign or trade, give us a call or, better yet, email your inquiry, with pictures if possible, to sales@nicnac.net.

If you have a knife or an entire collection of knives to sell Horizon Bladeworks buys, consigns and trades all sorts of knives and specializes in automatic knives, switchblade knives, antique and vintage knives as well as high end custom made knives. Our consignment fee is 20% of the selling price which is set by you, the seller. For that we offer you great exposure to a huge number of knife enthusiasts world wide. We will take photos of your items and post them for sale to our customers. When the item sells we send you payment for 80% of the selling price. The buyer pays shipping expenses.


Darrel Ralph HTM Maxx 5.5 Flipper Non Glare Folding Knife for sale

Darrel Ralph HTM Maxx 5.5 Flipper Folding Knife for sale Black