microtech utx-70 148-1 uc urban camo otf automatic knife

Microtech UTX70 Knife - Microtech - OTF - Automatic knives

The UTX-70 OTF Front opening automatic knife is light at only 1 ounce.  The UTX-70 knife with its automatic OTF open and closing feature is the prefect combination of compact size and big performance making it an every day carry knife with an overall open length of 5.63" and a 2.375" blade. At 70% the size of the Ultratech knife, closed it's only 3.22 inches.


Microtech UTX-70 148-1RD Single Edge Red Plain Blade

Microtech UTX70 147-2 OTF Knife BL DE Blue Partial Serrated

Microtech UTX-70 148-1OD OD Green OTF Automatic Knife

Microtech UTX-70 Spartan 149-1DT OTF auto knife Plain Black Blade

Microtech UTX-70 149-2 DTOD Spartan OTF Auto Knife part serrated

Microtech UTX-70 149-1 DTOD Spartan OTF Automatic Knife plain blade

Microtech UTX-70 149-8DTZ Spartan OTF Automatic Knife Zombie